Drilling Lifecycle Services

Safety is paramount, and our reputation is built on technologies that protect both natural resources and oil field personnel. We continue to build long-term customer relationships by providing levels of service and support as dependable as our products. Our commitment to excellence will improve your performance, extend equipment life and maximize uptime. With a global footprint and an eye towards cost effectiveness our Drilling Lifecycle Services are here to support you throughout the lifetime of your operation

Drilling Performance Optimization

HMH’s performance optimization solutions allow you to monitor and analyze crew and equipment performance, identifying technical bottlenecks and advising on continuous improvement measures that can be implemented through training or technical upgrades. 

Equipment Maintenance Optimization

HMH is a full-line certified supplier of maintenance optimization services. The upgrade from condition monitoring (CM) to CBM service supplier also let us develop new data-driven and knowledge-based monitoring methods in addition to conventional CM techniques such as vibration and oil monitoring, allowing flexibility and continuous development of the service offerings.

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