Spare Parts

As your regional original equipment manufacturer (OEM) spare parts supplier, our goal is to keep your rigs running.

Spare Parts Services
We understand when you need spare parts every minute matters. That is why our strategic regional locations are available for consultancy. We have inventory located around the world, helping to keep your cost of inventory to a minimum.

From the ability to check spare parts availability online or to talk to a spare parts professional in person, we make it easy for you to find the spare parts you need.


  • Regional inventories of spare parts
  • Local stock can be viewed in HMHConnect

We have centralized stocks in Norway and Germany to urgently support all customers globally. Stocks located at other regional locations will also be ready to ship available parts in case of emergencies.

Professional spare parts consultancy is a day-today business for our dedicated personnel. For new rigs and installations, we cooperate closely with our customers to optimize stock levels prior to entering the operation. For existing installations, we offer inventory optimization services.

Our spare parts combine the quality of an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) at competitive prices. Delivering spare parts on-time is a key factor for ensuring optimal operation.

Obsolete Parts
Occasionally, parts are obsolete due to end of lifetime (EOL) or being replaced by newer versions. To keep you up to date, we routinely issue bulletins that provide details on obsolete parts. If a redesign is needed, our service account managers (SAMs) will assist you in finding proper solutions.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.