Virtual Rig

Welcome to HMH’s Virtual Rig environment

“Fly around” our virtual rig to see HMH’s products and services in an operating environment. Some pointers to get the best experience: 

  • Please allow a couple of minutes for the virtual rig to load.
  • Use the fast access links at the top of the window to visit some key areas on the rig. 
  • Use your keyboard and mouse to navigate; instructions are provided at the bottom of this page.
  • Please note that some posters are visible throughout the rig. By clicking on them, you will open the related product page on another browser tab.
  • Note that some room have their own audio environment which aim to replicate the rig environment.
  • Please note that the Virtual Rig will only work properly on a computer

How to navigate in the Virtual Rig environment

Please use the following keys to ensure smooth navigation:
W = move forward,
A = move to the left,
S = move backwards,
D = move to the right,
Q = move up
E = move down
Right mouse button = click and hold while moving the mouse to rotate
Shift = press and hold the button while performing any of the above to move faster

For questions, or to report issues with the Virtual Rig, please reach out to