We offer client specific training to increase your personnel’s learning curve, focusing on operational efficiency and safety for new and experienced personnel. HMH provides proven training that is built on a strong pedagogical foundation and developed over years. We have highly qualified instructors with years of relevant experience in all the fields covered by our courses. This results in high quality training delivered in a global and uniform way.

Training Centers

HMH is organized with regional centers located all over the world. With our global training perspective, we are able to meet the customers where it is most convenient for them. With our four regional hubs in Europe, USA, Brazil, Azerbaijan and Singapore, we are located close to most of the operating drilling rigs and perform training where our customers prefer. If a rig is moving, we are able to start the training in one location and continue from another.

Drilling Simulators

Our drilling simulators are a cost effective, risk free training method that puts your personnel in rig specific, realistic drilling environments. Online tailor-made courses are available when applicable.

Equipment & System Solutions Technical Training Catalog

Pressure Control System Technical Training Catalog

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