HMH provides proven training that is built on a strong instructive foundation and developed over years. We offer client and product line specific courses designed to enhance your personnel’s development, focusing on operational efficiency and safety for new and experienced personnel.

Global Training Capability
We deliver training from a global perspective, with regional hubs located in Europe, USA, Brazil, and Azerbaijan, making it easy to perform training where it is most convenient for our customers. We can deliver training onboard your drilling rig, on-site at your company location, or at one of our learning centers. Our global mindset enables us to coordinate training with unique operational scenarios, such as rig moves, new builds, and commissioning projects.

Our organization consists of highly qualified regional training managers, course coordinators, training developers, planners, and instructors. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and to provide them with the best possible training services regardless of their location.

Custom (Tailor-Made, Bespoke) Training Programs
All our courses can be delivered as tailor-made training specific for the equipment installed on your rig. By making the training rig specific at all levels and as close to real life as possible, our training increases the probability your personnel will be able to prevent downtime or reduce the time required to resume operations if incidents occur.

To ensure course participants acquire the knowledge and skill required to operate and maintain HMH’s drilling equipment, safely and efficiently, we employ a blended approach to our training programs composed of four key learning experiences:


Our eLearning products provide a cost-effective enhancement to our technical training programs. With eLearning, your employees can begin or augment their understanding of our products without incurring travel expenses.

Using a personal computer and an internet connection at home or at work, learners complete pre-work exercises before attending instructor-led training, participate in online assessments designed to measure their product line knowledge, or refresh their understanding of equipment operation and maintenance.

As part of our blended training approach, eLearning modules are issued in advance of classroom sessions to give participants the necessary time to prepare for class.

Classroom Training

The HMH classrooms are fully equipped with modern projectors, smartboards, and whiteboards to ensure technical understanding of the course content.

Our highly qualified instructors possess years of relevant experience in our course topics, resulting in uniform global delivery of high-quality learning experiences.

In the classroom environment, learners expand their theoretical and technical knowledge through a combination of lectures, videos, animations, discussions, and activities designed to facilitate an effective knowledge transfer.

Participants receive textbooks, animations, photographs, documentation, and other relevant resources via our USB Rig Stick for reference during and after the training.

Drilling Simulators

Simulator training increases the participant’s understanding of the relationship between the interface and the equipment and improves their ability to interact with and navigate the system controls.

Our drilling simulators are a cost-effective solution that enables your personnel to gain proficiency in realistic rig specific drilling environments without risk to personnel or capital equipment.

The simulators employ a full-scale human-machine interface (HMI) which matches the equipment installed on your rig.

3D models exported from our engineering systems are animated and connected to the actual control system software to provide real-time, full-scale visualization of equipment operation.


Practical Training

Our Technical Training Labs (TTLs) are equipped with the tools, diagnostic equipment, and full-scale product components necessary for a real-world troubleshooting and maintenance training.

In the practical portions of our training, maintenance personnel safely participate in realistic work tasks without the harsh consequences of failure.

This environment is ideal for cross-training electro/ instrument and hydraulic personnel to improve collaboration and communicating in system troubleshooting scenarios.

HMH Technical Training Lab (TTL) locations include:

  • Kristiansand, Norway
  • Erkelenz, Germany
  • Houston, Texas, USA

Learning Portal
The HMHLearning portal enables you to manage and administrate workforce development related to our product line around the clock. Your internal or third-party training administrators can assign eLearning to employees, enroll them in your scheduled training events, and retrieve employee transcripts, certificates, and reports independently. Employees can view HMH training assignments and enrollments, complete eLearning, and retrieve their training completion information through the portal.  

Please contact us at if you have any questions.