HSSE, because we care

HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) is a core value expressed in our HSSE mindset. We are all equally responsible and accountable for caring for the environment, safety and well-being of ourselves and others.

Being an accountable business partner, HMH believes that all incidents can be prevented, and HMH strives continuously for zero harm to personnel, material and non-material assets and the environment by:

  • Focusing on people’s health and on continuously improving the working environment by committing to ensure consultation and participation of workers in relevant matters
  • Safeguarding personnel, technology and assets through all our operations
  • Complying with HMH policies, standards and procedures as well as relevant local laws and regulations
  • Proactively planning for safe working operations, and if necessary stopping any unsafe activities before they happen – this is both a responsibility and an empowerment given to all personnel working for and with HMH
  • Designing and manufacturing products that create value and safe, efficient operations for our customers
  • Conducting operations, designing products and delivering leading solutions that increase efficiency with reduced carbon footprint, minimum waste and damage to the environment
  • Committing to follow-up identified significant environmental aspects and reducing emissions caused by our products and operation
  • Seeking to explore sustainable business opportunities in adjoining industries