DEAL & CADS – Drilling Automation

We take real pride in how our automated products and solutions work together to secure consistent, cost-efficient and safer operations. Automating repetitive processes could free capacity, mitigate injury and optimize operations. HMH’s products secure consistent well constructions, automate rig sequences, detect and mitigate kick and loss, and autopilot machines.

DEAL™ – Drilling Equipment Control Interface

DEAL™ by HMH is a platform that enables the installation of performance enhancing software modules called Smart Modules. Smart Modules communicate with the drilling equipment controllers to optimize the operations required to drill a well. The platform is an open interface that enables a reliable, simple and effective gateway to the HMH drilling equipment. With DEAL™ installed, adding of select Smart Modules is done with reduced downtime and risk.

DEAL™ acts as a layer between the equipment PLCs and Smart Modules. Equipment PLCs control the drilling equipment. Smart modules are modules that are added to enhance the control system of the rig. For example, a module that enables automated tripping.

DEAL™ enables simple installation of new Smart Modules through a defined interface, not requiring changes to the machine. DEAL™ removes the need for new connections to all the machines when introducing new Smart Modules.

CADS – Drilling Automation

CADS by HMH is a system to automate rig sequences. Typical CADS sequences are tripping, drilling connection and stand building. However, CADS can run any sequence.
Automation of repetitive sequences helps achieve increased performance and consistency by reducing the human factor in repetitive tasks like long tripping runs. CADS is a transparent system designed to keep the operator informed of what is happening. If operator confirmation or adjustment is required, the correct controls are presented to the operator in contextual aware operator screens. CADS runs on top of DEAL so once DEAL is installed CADS can be added without updating machine control systems.

drillView™ – Human Interface System

From our operator chair you get the full view and control of the operation. With HMH’s human interface system (HMI) DrillView™ the operator is provided with intuitive and reliable real-time surveillance and automation of drilling data during operation. Together with simulation training and integration with other products such as Driller’s Control Cabin we offer design that ensures safe, efficient, and reliable working conditions and operations.

Discover how HMH’s human interface system, DrillView™, guarantees safe, efficient, and reliable working conditions

drillView™ GO – Context Based Operational Screens

drillView™ GO is context-based operational screens for safer and more efficient drilling related operations. The screens show the relevant information based on the situation so the users can focus on safely drilling the well. Since drillView™ GO is what the operator sees when drilling the well, it integrates elements from beAware™ products, such as wellMap and eTally™ running tally. Also, information from the smart modules is integrated to ensure that the operator stays informed.

drillView™ GO is an enabler for digital reports, such as drilling parameter log, trip sheet and kill sheet.

Discover how HMH’s human interface system, DrillView™, guarantees safe, efficient, and reliable working conditions

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