Regional Hubs

We offer a full training program in Kristiansand, Norway. Classroom and simulator training can also be provided in Stavanger, Norway as well as Macaé (Brazil) and Houston, (TX). The eLearning program is done on a personal computer with Internet connection at home or at work. Drawworks, mud pump and rotary table training will be provided in Erkelenz, Germany.

Training Centers

Kristiansand, Norway
Postal Address: P.O. Box 413 Lundsiden, NO-4604
Address: Butangen 20
Zipcode: NO – 4639 City: Kristiansand Country: Norway Phone: +47 38 05 70 00

Houston, USA
Address: 3300 North Sam Houston Parkway East
City: Houston State: Texas Zip Code: 77032
Country: United States Phone: +1 (281) 449-2000

Erkelenz, Germany
Address: Kölner Strasse 71-73 Zipcode: 41812
City: Erkelenz Country: Germany Phone: +49 2431 83-0

Macaé, Brazil
Address: Rua Sergio Roberto Franco, s/n, Quadra 03 parte, Fazenda Boa Vista, Imboassica
Zipcode: 27932-354 City: Macaé Country: Brazil
Phone: + 55 21 3828 2000

Stavanger, Norway
Address: Maskinveien 9
Zipcode: 4033 City: Stavanger Country: Norway
Phone: +47 38 05 70 00

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