Rig Equipment Training

HMH’s professional training and competence programs are key factors in maximizing uptime and ensuring the safe operation of drilling equipment and rigs. A well-trained crew is essential in optimizing a rig’s performance. A harmonized crew, from operators in the driller’s chair to maintenance personnel, can keep the rig poised for peak uptime performance. We train personnel the way rigs operate. By making the training rig-specific at all levels, and as close to real life as possible, personnel are well-prepared to handle unexpected and unusual situations, as well as routine procedures. Trained personnel will be able to prevent downtime, reduce the time needed to get the rig up and running if incidents do occur.

Training Centers
HMH training facilities, with regional centers all over the world, provide state-of-the-art learning tools, experienced instructors and offer personnel an optimal learning experience. If a rig is moving, we can start the training in one location and continue from another. Our solid pedagogical foundation ensures that all participants, regardless of learning style or experience, can achieve the skills needed to successfully operate the rig.

Drilling Simulators
Our top side and down hull simulators are a cost-effective, risk-free training method that puts your personnel in rig specific, realistic drilling environments.

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