The DRILLPerform™ service is vital to ensure successful usage of the installed asset including Smart Modules™ to maximize drilling operation efficiency. DRILLPerform™ is a continuous improvement process carried out in close collaboration with our customers. The service is powered by data analytics and highly skilled personnel, dedicated to optimizing performance. This is achieved by “one team” approach: close collaboration and transparent dialogue.

The DRILLPerform™ service contains:

  • Data analysis (equipment, system, and crews)
  • Interactive reporting
  • Handling of feedbacks from end user
  • Operational support, aiming for optimal user experience
  • On demand coaching and assistance during planning and de-briefs (lessons learned)
  • Recommendations of performance optimization / software enhancement
  • Justification of investment
  • Performance survey (additional offering)

Activity Visualizer


  • Performance monitoring and analysis
  • Performance reporting
  • Digital twin for testing and definition of technical limit
  • Performance training and upgrades

DRILLPerform™ Process

RigLogger Service

HMH’s data collection and storage products are designed to record, store and replicate drilling information, enabling in-depth operation analysis. Our Riglogger™ collects data to identify potential performance optimization, further improving drilling efficiency. The drilling data interface system allows third party applications to integrate with it to efficiently analyze and share data.

Optimizing Drilling Operations
We understand that optimizing drilling operations requires solid and reliable data. All our optimization services are process-based.

High-quality data and analytics are the foundation for our optimization services; powered by our prognostic health management tool and our performance analyzer. They are basis for an accurate strategy definition and fact-based decisions.

By capturing thousands of parameters, from operator inputs to component operating characteristics, our independent Riglogger™ technology preserves the history of the drilling process.

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