Overhaul, Installation and Commissioning

We provide the full range of services needed to obtain and ensure equipment certifications, provide correct maintenance at all levels and secure equipment relevance through our product bulletins and upgrade opportunities.

Equipment Installation and Commissioning

From installation and commissioning and throughout the decommissioning process, we are your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner for the lifetime of the equipment. HMH provides the technical expertise to properly handle all the phases of the equipment installation and removal process, ensuring your equipment assets are expertly cared for.

Our experienced commissioning engineers will install the equipment in the safest; most efficient way possible and according to all required HSSE
regulations. With our in-depth equipment knowledge as an OEM, we provide safe and efficient installation and commissioning on all our products.

Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) tests and advanced simulation tools are used to ensure our products will meet your needs before they go into the field. Doing this helps to identify critical issues before they arise, saving you time and money. Our execution of commissioning is based on clear processes and communication making sure the job is done on time
and on budget.

HMH Reactivation & Certification

We offer flexible re-certification processes for top-side and pressure control equipment to achieve optimal rig availability. The below description gives an overview of how the process for re-certification is carried out utilizing the HMH Model for Compressed Yardstay. Please contact marketing@hmhw.com for more information and a tailor-made setup for your rig!

Planning Kick-off

  • Establishing IBW/SPS team
  • Define strategy
  • Engage with certifying body
  • Equipment pre-inspection

Scope definition

  • Review of maintenance records and operational data
  • Structural calculations
  • Vibration and oil analysis
  • Long lead item definition
  • Scope definition
  • Ordering of parts
  • Work packages preparation


  • Re-certification on-board (RA57)
  • Overhaul on-board
  • Exchange of equipment
  • Commisionning


  • Onshore overhaul
  • Documentation


The first phase is to identify the status of the equipment. This results in  fact-based decision support material, covering both the equipment status and an evaluation of performance enhancing upgrade opportunities. The assessment and planning phase results in a clear Scope of Work (SOW) with identification of critical materials and source. Experienced project managers provide decision support which helps to ensure realistic time assessments.

In the execution phase, materials are prepared and used for either overhaul and repairs or directly for installation and commissioning.

Below are the HMH Workshop in Lyngdal (Norway), Erkelenz (Germany) and Macaé (Brazil) highlighted. 

Please see the map for the full overview of HMH Workshops. 

Lyngdal Workshop

The HMH Lyngdal Workshop, Norway was established in 1981 and has been performing equipment overhauls since 1997. It also specializes in the assembly, testing, and customization of new drilling equipment. The workshop offers a wide range of services, including hydraulic, electrical, machining, and traditional mechanical work. Additionally, it benefits from convenient access to a deep water quay. The workshop is divided into several departments, including a 700 square meter in-house weld shop, over 800 square meters dedicated to machinery (CNC, milling, and drilling), two assembly and test departments covering more than 3100 square meters, and a test tower for top drives and torque wrenches. Furthermore, the HMH Lyngdal workshop also conduct load tests on winches. It also provides test facilities for roughnecks, top drives, mouse holes, pipe rack cranes, and access baskets.

The HMH Lyngdal Workshop can perform full test of various equipment, including:

  • DDM HY-500, 650, 750 & 1000
  • DDM AC 500, 650, 750 & 1000
  • Pipe Rack Crane
  • Torque master / Roughneck
  • Mouse hole
  • IRA & URA
  • Tubular Feeding Machine
  • Lower Guiding Arm
  • Drill Floor Manipulator Arm
  • Eagle Light
  • Access Basket
  • VPR, etc.

Erkelenz Workshop

The HMH Erkelenz Workshop in Germany has been playing a crucial role for several decades and is fully equipped to address your needs. It offers in-house capabilities for various tasks, including machining and rework of housing, dimension and measurement checks (including NDT and wall thickness measurement), complete coating (including sand blasting, priming, and painting). Additionally, the workshop provides FAT test facilities and offers 3rd party witnessing by DNV and/or ABS, if required. Furthermore, the Erkelenz site also handles production and assembly. It is where the renowned Wirth Mud Pumps, drawworks, rotary tables, and Pile Top Drilling Rigs are designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested!

Macaé Workshop

The HMH Macaé Workshop, Brazil is a state-of-the-art facility that have been performing equipment overhauls in the region for over 20 years. Our expertise extends to attending to all HMH manufactured equipment, including topside, subsea, and pressure control products. To ensure efficient project execution, we maintain a comprehensive local stock, which significantly reduces project lead times. Additionally, we have strategically insourced the majority of our overhaul processes, such as welding, machining, and surface coating. This approach allows us to secure the highest quality standards while simultaneously reducing costs and lead times. At our facilities, we have a full test setup equipped with Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) capacities of 200 gallons per minute (GPM) and 20,000 pounds per square inch (PSI). This enables us to conduct thorough testing and validation of our equipment to ensure optimal performance and safety. Over the past five years, we have manufactured and delivered in excess of 1,000 riser joints. Furthermore, we have successfully overhauled more than 1,700 riser joints during the same period. This track record demonstrates our commitment to delivering reliable and high-quality solutions to our clients.

By leveraging our extensive experience, advanced facilities, and commitment to quality, HMH is well-equipped to meet the demanding requirements of the oil and gas industry.

Please contact us at marketing@hmhw.com if you have any questions.