Cyber security

At HMH we know that a solid digital infrastructure is the real foundation for operations and IT-systems. That is why we offer a solid solution of virtual and physical architecture that make up the server and network infrastructure, complete with backup-solutions. This enables digitalization of operations. Securing this crucial infrastructure from cyber threats is at the core of our infrastructure offering.

Secure Operations
With an increased focus on cyber security in the oil and gas industry, it is imperative that necessary measures are implemented to enhance the security of the rig Drilling Control System. The HMH Cyber Security service portfolio Secure Operations (SecureOPS™) is designed to meet this ever-increasing demand, and to conform with government, rig owner and drilling contractor requirements. HMH can support clients to meet the requirements of the industry as the services are designed in accordance with the IEC 62443-2-4 standard.

The HMH Cyber Security services are designed to support all aspects of the Secure Operations portfolio throughout the lifespan of the Drilling Control System. The initial CS assessment and scheduled health checks report on system status and security stature.

Threat and vulnerability management, as well as Account Management and Secure Control make sure that the system is maintained controlled and safe during everyday-operation.

Monitoring and Incident response is designed to identify and react to incidents, while Disaster recovery’s purpose is to assist restoring the system to it’s operational state after a potential incident.

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