Other Onshore Rig Equipment

With our experience, we offer a broad range of additional equipment for your successful drilling project

  • Traveling block (TB)
  • Crown block (CB)
  • Deadline anchor (DLA)
  • Drill line drum (DLD)
  • Pipe handling equipment 
  • TFM Catwalk system (TFM)
  • Hydraulic catheads (HC)
  • Rotary swivels (RSS)
  • Caustic mixers (CM)
  • Pulsation Dampeners 
  • Iron Roughnecks

Our Iron roughnecks combine a 30 year legacy of field experience with rigorous design and development.

Hydril Kellyguard™ Valves

Field-proven Hydril Pressure Control Kellyguard™ valves are ideal for traditional and top-drive drill stem applications. Whether operating as an upper kelly cock, top-drive kelly cock, lower kelly cock, drillpipe safety valve or mud saver, these original one-piece valves set the industry standard for quality, ease of maintenance and length of service.

Hydril PASAFE™ Pulsation Dampeners

Hydril Pressure Control PASAFE™ pulsation dampeners extend pump life and enhance piping system performance by controlling pressure and flow pulsations. Virtually maintenance- free and available in three specialized flow-through designs, PASAFE discharge dampeners and suction stabilizers are engineered specifically to handle abrasive, corrosive, high- temperature and high-pressure fluids in the most extreme environments.

Hydril IP™ Pulsation Dampener

Hydril Pressure Control IP pulsation dampeners extend the life and increase the efficiency of suction, discharge and hydraulic flow system lines. Built for industrial and production applications, the non-wetted shell design reduces maintenance requirements while accommodating corrosive process liquids.

Hydril K™ Pulsation Dampeners

Manufactured to meet the most demanding large-volume, high-slurry pump applications, Hydril Pressure Control K pulsation dampeners offer outstanding performance for onshore and offshore drilling, airport fueling systems, tank truck and marine loading racks, fire water systems, sewage lines and other large-scale pulsation and surge control applications.

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