HMH’s iron roughnecks combine a 30-year legacy of field experience with rigorous design and development.Featuring proven dependability and high performance, our hydraulic roughneck series RN 85/136 provide safe and reliable connections for drill pipes, drill collars, casings, cross-over subs and other bottom-hole assemblies.

From remote to locally controlled, our roughnecks allow maximum handling flexibility. They are available as pedestal, floor mounted or rail mounted type with a maximum make-up torque of 136 000 Nm and break-out torque of 169 000 Nm.

MH Roughnecks

Benefits worth to mention:

  • RN series to spin in/make up/break out and spin out any drilling tools and equipment
  • Gateless torque wrench with multi size jaws for easy and quick alternations between different tool joint sizes
  • Compatible with third party socket designs

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