Other Offshore Rig Equipment

Hydril Kellyguard™ Valves

Field-proven Hydril Pressure Control Kellyguard™ valves are ideal for traditional and top-drive drill stem applications. Whether operating as an upper kelly cock, top-drive kelly cock, lower kelly cock, drillpipe safety valve or mud saver, these original one-piece valves set the industry standard for quality, ease of maintenance and length of service.

Hydril PASAFE™ Pulsation Dampeners

Hydril Pressure Control PASAFE™ pulsation dampeners extend pump life and enhance piping system performance by controlling pressure and flow pulsations. Virtually maintenance- free and available in three specialized flow-through designs, PASAFE discharge dampeners and suction stabilizers are engineered specifically to handle abrasive, corrosive, high- temperature and high-pressure fluids in the most extreme environments.

Hydril IP™ Pulsation Dampener

Hydril Pressure Control IP pulsation dampeners extend the life and increase the efficiency of suction, discharge and hydraulic flow system lines. Built for industrial and production applications, the non-wetted shell design reduces maintenance requirements while accommodating corrosive process liquids.

Hydril K™ Pulsation Dampeners

Manufactured to meet the most demanding large-volume, high-slurry pump applications, Hydril Pressure Control K pulsation dampeners offer outstanding performance for onshore and offshore drilling, airport fueling systems, tank truck and marine loading racks, fire water systems, sewage lines and other large-scale pulsation and surge control applications.

MH Back Up Stabbers

The MH Back Up Stabbers meet the performance requirements needed to perform back up operations when high stick-up requirements are needed. Fully integrated into any anti-collision system, our back up stabbers ensure the highest safety factor in drilling and are fully retractable when not in use.

With simple installation, high flexibility and low maintenance, our back up stabbers suit any derrick design and allow for both remote, as well as local manual control for all functions.

MH catheads

MH Catheads are a compact and highly reliable solution for makeup and break out operations of drill pipe and drill collars with rig tongs.

Our remote controlled operation ensures the highest caliber of safety during drilling operations and with its small footprint and integrated valve cabinet, our catheads fit easily into any drill floor layout.

Available in pneumatic and electrical versions, our catheads can be installed in pairs or in a single configuration design.

MH mud buckets

MH mud buckets are used to safely transport mud away from the drill floor during wet tripping and break-out operations. Our mud buckets are remote controlled and fully integrated into all anti-collision systems allowing you to put operational and personnel safety first.

With a straightforward design, our mud buckets allow for efficient installation and removal and can be optimized with the use of optional hydraulic or electric quick connectors to increase safety in hazardous area. Seven different size seal kits ensure that mud spills are kept to an absolute minimum.

Our mud buckets are also available as part of an integrated module on our complete line of roughnecks.

MH Slips

Eliminating the need for personnel in the red zone, our unique slips frame facilitates the safe, easy and reliable remote operation of manual slips from various suppliers.

The slips frame is operated by a pedal valve in the driller’s cabin and other strategic locations on the drill floor, away from red zone, ensuring the safest working environment for the rig crew.

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