MH Top Drives

HMH’s field-proven top drives ensure safe, effective and uninterrupted drilling operations – no matter if in the arctic or desert environments. Our PTD and DDM top drive series provide the highest torque in their class. With a compact and modularized design, they can be installed in any derrick design. Our top drives can be operated remotely and integrated into anti-collision systems, thus achieving maximum operational safety.

MH PTD-500-AC-1250

HMH’s high-performance MH PTD-500-AC-1250 combines outstanding torque, power and speed with the most compact and light weight design in its performance class. It meets all drilling requirements for 1500 hp land rigs with 320 short tons up to 2000 hp land rigs with high capacity of 500 short tons.

MH DDM™ Series Top Drives

Our derrick drilling machines (DDM) offer a wide and high operational performance for 2 000 hp land rigs with 500 short tons up to 3 000 hp land rigs with highest capacity of 1 000 short tons for deep drilling installations.

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