MH RamRig

The award-winning MH RamRig™ technology is the ultimate solution for deep-water operations, providing dual rig functionality to achieve optimal drilling time.

The MH RamRig™ solutions have successfully operated in international waters, particularly in harsh environments and ultra-deep-water areas. The system comes equipped with a fully integrated compensation system and the concept’s inherent features make it especially effective on ultra-deep-water rigs and well intervention operations with high performance requirements.

The technology is capable of racking double, triple and quadruple stands with hoisting capacity ranging from 150 to 2000 short tons. With this solution changing gears is done at the touch of a button from the operator chair. This allows the operator to change lifting capacity and hoisting velocity in a matter of minutes.

Derricks and Masts

Derricks and masts are vital structural fixtures to a drilling operation. They support the top side drilling equipment set, enabling the equipment to function the way it was engineered to.

Each of HMH’s derricks and masts are customizable and dynamically designed to suit the specific performance goals of your operation.

Our derricks and masts are manufactured to meet quality standards required by global certification societies providing you with worry-free operations.

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