Mud Systems

HMH Mud Systems features legacy products from STEP Offshore, a company with extensive experience in providing engineering services and comprehensive packages for high pressure (HP) and low pressure (LP) mud systems, as well as all required equipment, to satisfy customers in the global oil and gas market.

Mud Mixing & Control System

The Mud Mixing System allows for the dust-free handling of additives and meets the highest HSSE and efficiency standards. Our sack cutting unit is equipped with built-in heavy duty dust filtration system and is engineered to accommodate any tough sack ranging from multi-layered to poly woven.

Depalletizing robot and AGV/AGF technology prepares for autonomous remote handling of additives to prepare for IO3+ operationsOur surge tanks, with feeder, allow for the steady adding of bulk materials and the built-in activator and fluidizing system prevents settling and bridging of materials. Our big bag units cover all needs ranging from low headroom, manual – to fully autonomous, high throughput operations. With our comprehensive product portfolio, you will achieve maximum operational benefits and reduce downtime.


  • Dust-free handling of additives
  • > 99.8% proven emptying efficiency of sack cutting unit
  • High throughput
  • Prepared for autonomous operations using the taskPerformerTM Smart Module

Mixing hoppers

HMH’s high performance mud mixing hoppers ensure efficient mixing of powder granulate and mud additives into the drilling mud.

The HMH mud hoppers can be supplied in automatic versions or fully manual. Our standard mud hoppers are equipped with level switch and two pressure transmitters providing overflow and back flow protection. When the differential pressure drops under a set point, the inlet valve of dry powder is closed automatically.

If your project requires intermediate use of additives, we can also provide a manual unit including a table and a dust extraction hood for dust free operation.

The mud hoppers use the venturi suction effect to mix powder into the mud. The full sized opening of the dry powder inlet into the mixing chamber eliminates the risk of clogging and build-up of material.

Surge Tanks

Surge Tanks with dosing feeder are designed for immediate storage and high accuracy feeding of powder chemicals to mixing hopper.  With a fluidizing bottom design, our space saving surge tank ensures an effective tank emptying without reducing the operational volume.


Agitators for circulate drilling mud and other solids containing liquids to prevent settling. With minimal energy consumption and maximum reliability, our agitators improve your operational performance. Our agitator design is optimized with computational fluid dynamics (CFD), resulting in significant improvements in the energy consumption and fluid volume mix as compared to existing solutions in the market.

Sack Cutting Unit

The Sack Cutting Unit (SCU) is a high-performance machine for cutting and emptying drilling fluid additive and onshore industrial sacks. Our user-friendly sack cutting unit requires minimal training of the operators.


The High Pressure Chemical Injection Unit (CIU) is used for injection/dozing of small volumes of chemicals into the service line. The CIU can either be installed as a single unit or as several units for redundancy and/or injection of different chemicals simultaneously.

Bulk Storage & Mixing Systems

Bulk storage and transfer solutions are optimized for high transfer rates and ensure operational efficiency in both on- and offshore operations.

Our tailor-made bulk storage tanks allow for size optimal use of the given volume requirements. The high emptying efficiency of our tanks increases the operational volume and maximizes the transfer rates. Our HSSE mindful dust collectors and filtration systems ensure a dust-free transfer without the worry of environmental pollution.


  • Volume optimization by tailor-made sizes
  • High transfer rate
  • Dust free operation
  • Prepared for autonomous operations using the pathPerformerTM and taskPerformerTM Smart Modules

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