Motion Compensation Systems

Balancing the unforgiving heave of the ocean with the essential rigidity of our structures


Our riser tensioners support the marine riser and compensate for any motion induced by the floating vessel. A wide range of models and configurations allows for a high degree of layout, performance, and weight and cost optimization.

HMH’s riser tension systems are designed by our experienced tensioner engineering team and are equipped with state-of the-art anti-recoil and control system offering outstanding performance and dependability.

Capable of simulating your specific rig layout and design, we provide precise calculations to define the tensioner type, system and design best suited to meet your operational needs. Every component has been specifically designed to deliver superior life expectancy and low tension variation.


Maintaining a constant weight on bit (WOB) is critical for efficient drilling operations and extending the life of the drill bit.

HMH’s drillstring compensators compensate for rig movements and apply a constant tension in the drill string as well as constant force on the drill bit. Our drillstring compensators are designed to give low dynamic and static friction even in rough weather conditions, giving improved performance when drilling in an extended weather window.

Our compensators have a unique geometrical design with no sheave rotations during compensation, extending the lifetime of the drill line and reducing friction in the system. During locked to bottom operations, the compensators are designed with a true locked open functionality and additional cushioning to prevent incidents.

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