Drilling Risers

HMH manufactures the most reliable bolted and boltless drilling riser systems in the world. All our models are available in multiple configurations.

Non-Bolted Risers

QTR™ 4000LS

The new innovative Quick Turn Riser connector QTR™ 4000LS is an efficient and safe heavy duty connector. The connector combines the simple locking system with load sharing P-lines and simplified stabbing operations.

The QTR™ 4000LS connector integrates the efficient operations from our well-proven riser system with the advantages of load sharing. The design further results in a faster stabbing operation which will take the riser connector stabbing and make up out of the critical line in the tripping operations. The spider and the lock ring will line up the connector prior to engaging the p-line pin and boxes and thereby reduce the risk of damaging the seal areas during tripping operations.

Designed for midwater to ultra-deepwater environments.

Non-Bolted Risers

QTR™ 3500

The field proven Quick Turn Riser connector QTR™ 3500 (known as the HMH Clip Riser) is an efficient and safe heavy duty connector. The QTR™ type drilling riser offers the most efficient and HSSE friendly riser system due to the connector’s simple locking system.

The QTR™ 3500 riser connector does not require any heavy tools. One person, with a steel bar, can lock or unlock the connector in less than 15 seconds. This, in addition to no pretension requirements and confirmed lock position, ensures superior HSSE performance.

Designed for midwater to ultra-deepwater environments.

Bolted Riser

HMF™ Riser

This is one of the most reliable and advanced marine riser systems in today’s market. It has many years of proven success worldwide, including drilling the current water depth well record of 10,011 feet in the Gulf of Mexico.

The HMF is ideal for deepwater applications with high-load operating conditions. Its stepped diameter pin-and-box design simplifies engagement, even with severe vessel movement. It avoids loose parts to prevent bolt loss and potential thread damage, and has locking bolts preloaded above the rated coupling loads to extend fatigue life. The nose ring and choke/kill line stab subs can replaced in-field, and its hydraulic running/test tool facilitates quicker riser running times.

Robust flanged riser. Designed for midwater to ultra-deepwater environments

Riser Tools

HMH‘s service-friendly riser tools are field proven and enable quick, reliable and safe running or retrieval of our QTR™ Drilling Riser System. It is the most efficient and safest system available in the market.

During subsea operations, high efficiency and uptime as well as safe equipment make the difference. With a unique simple and robust design, our riser tools meet these challenges and provide best value to our customers in their operations.

MR-6H SE Riser system

HMH’s MR-6H SE riser coupling provides fully-automated make-up and is rated for 3.5 million lbs (API class H).

The design is simple, with very few parts, and utilizes field proven concepts and profiles that have provided many years of exemplary service. The highly pre-loaded coupling with efficient load path utilizes a cam ring to drive locking dogs during locking and unlocking of the coupling with the spider.

Key features
• Automated make-up with minimal personnel intervention
• Utilizes reliable, field proven concepts and profiles (H-4 connectors and MR risers)
• High pre-load/efficient load path
• Easy to replace parts subject to wear
• Easy maintenance, service and inspection with all critical areas readily accessible
• Handling spider modularized and redundant to allow quick change out of critical parts or subassemblies

Fast-running boltless riser. Designed for shallow to midwater environments

Riser Ancillary Equipment

HMH produces a wide variety of riser ancillary tools, including spiders and gimbals, Riser adapters and handling tools, BLATs, gas handlers and much more.

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