HMH’s field-proven drawworks are part of our proud product heritage and with a well-balanced ratio between load and speed, our drawworks allow for faster tripping and stand building operations. Our drawworks’ direct water cooled motors reduce service costs and increase HSSE while our dual independent disc brake system secures safe working conditions. We deliver drawworks with redundant instrumentation and control systems for maximized availability and our active heave compensation drawworks functionality is available for single gear drawworks.

Our drawworks are available with hoisting capacities ranging from 350 to 1500 short tons.

Single Gear Drawworks

Our single gear drawworks combine a compact and maintenance-friendly design with
maximum availability to excel in the offshore drilling industry. 

A reduced number of moving parts and a simple hydraulic system are part of the low-maintenance design. Our skid-mounted Human Machine Interface (HMI) enables maintenance and feedback directly on the drawworks and our unique rope-clamping device eases cut and slip operations, and scales back non-productive time and
risk. The intuitive and flexible-to-configure HMI of our drawworks’ control system allows the driller to focus on the most critical information. This results in higher drilling efficiency and safer working conditions.

Multi Gear Drawworks

Our multi gear drawworks with three shifting gears allow for both high hook speeds and maximum hoisting performance with the added value of an improved energy efficiency.

With three independent braking systems, our drawworks are leading in HSSE standards and availability. They are equipped with a regenerative dynamic braking system via the main drives, a fail-safe disk brake system for emergency and parking operations and an eddy current brake (ECB) to assist fast dynamic braking. The auto driller system (ADS) is provided via the main drive motors

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