Top Drives

HMH’s field-proven top drives are designed to perform safe, effective and uninterrupted operations for both conventional and RamRig™ solutions. Remote controlled and fully integratable with any anticollision systems, our top drives preserve maximum operational safety and offer the flexibility needed to suit any derrick design for both left hand, right hand and center located service loops for interfacing the majority of the rig designs.

MH DDM Series

Our Derrick Drilling Machines (DDM) offer a wide and high operational performance for both conventional and RamRig™ drilling installations. AC is the most common motor type, additionally DC and hydraulic variants are available.

Our DDMs are designed based on more than 30 years of experience in accordance with recognized standards. It features a continuous main shaft from the power swivel through the gearbox and pipe handler. The weight of drill string is supported directly in main shaft pin or transferred from the link hanger to the main shaft by means of a load
hang-off nut

MH Top Drives

Our top drive (TD) design is based on years of experience from MDDMs and DDMs in operation,
combining the highest torque, lifting and handling capabilities with a compact design.


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