Optimization Services

Improving efficiency and cost through our services

Optimizing Drilling Operations
We understand that optimizing drilling operations requires solid and reliable data. All our optimization services are process-based.

High-quality data and analytics are the foundation for our optimization services; powered by our prognostic health management tool and our performance analyzer. They are basis for an accurate strategy definition and fact-based decisions.

By capturing thousands of parameters, from operator inputs to component operating characteristics, our independent Riglogger™ technology preserves the history of the drilling process.

Maintenance Optimization
HMH is a full-line certified supplier of maintenance optimization services. The upgrade from condition monitoring (CM) to CBM service supplier also let us develop new data-driven and knowledge-based monitoring methods in addition to conventional CM techniques such as vibration and oil monitoring, allowing flexibility and continuous development of the service offerings.

As a CBM service supplier, we can offer DrillCon, a bundle of CBM services, as an enabler to utilize DNV GL classification for smarter operations. The goal of DrillCon is to support any customers seeking to improve equipment reliability, maintenance execution and utilize the flexibility enabled by new regulations for equipment re-classification. With the certificate in hand combined with our DrillCon service our customers can move to a continuous class strategy and leave the 5-year recertification regime.

Essential for the CBM services is the execution of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) analyses, a maintenance optimization process currently ongoing for critical drilling equipment as a joint effort between DLS and the product groups in Operations. As an OEM, HMH has access to unique product knowledge and operational experience compared to 3rd party suppliers, giving us a competitive advantage.

Continuous maintenance optimization is enabled through condition monitoring, advisory and input from maintenance plan and strategy. In that way the rig owner will know the remaining useful life of the equipment. We advise on optimal maintenance and replacement schedule.


  • Condition based maintenance enablers
  • Optimized maintenance program
  • Up front scope of work definition for repairs/overhaul

Performance Optimization
The performance optimization process monitors and analyzes the crew performance and the technical bottlenecks and will advise on continuous improvements. These will be implemented through training and technical upgrades to optimize your drilling performance.


  • Performance monitoring and analysis
  • Performance reporting
  • Digital twin for testing and definition of technical limit
  • Performance training and upgrades

We offer client specific training to increase your personnel’s learning curve, focusing on operational efficiency and safety for new and experienced personnel. Our drilling simulators are a cost effective, risk free training method that puts your personnel in rig specific, realistic drilling environments. Online tailor-made courses are available when applicable.

Using the data provided by our Riglogger™ technology, we are able to gain insight into how the equipment has been used and performed, allowing us to better plan training of your crew and optimization of your rig.

To bring your rig crew to the next performance level HMH’s crew optimization services combine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specialized training with qualified OEM performance optimization instructors.


  • Facilitates safer operations and better HSSE performance
  • Improves productive time and operational performance


  • State of the art facility and training

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