Handling Equipment and Cranes

Horizontal Pipe/Riser Handling Equipment

Our tubular feeding machine (TFM) and riser feeding machine (RFM) efficiently transport tubulars and risers, and perform general material handling to and from the drill floor. Pipe and casing can also be transported.

The riser is delivered to the RFM on pipe deck and transported directly to the top drive at well center. The RFM trolley follows and supports the lower end of the riser with constant tension (or free-wheeling) function during hoisting up to vertical position inside the derrick by the top drive. The machine can be equipped with a radio control. Adapters for risers without buoyancy, slip joint, diverter, flex joint and spider/gimble are included if applicable.

The hydraulic functions are equipped with relief valves that allow units and cylinders to move to minimize damage on the steel structure in case of external overload imposed on the machine.

Vertical Pipe Handling Equipment

HMH’s comprehensive pipe handling equipment portfolio is the key to maximizing uptime and maintaining competitive operational speed.

Stand building and tripping in/out are two of the most critical operations on the rig, and our pipe handling equipment provides the precise control needed to complete these acute maneuvers.

During critical operations, our pipe handling equipment is capable of covering all pipe and casing ranges needed to maintain the speed of your operation without any lost time. The operations are controlled from the driller’s control room (DCR), or individual pipe handling cabins, by means of CCTV cameras, DrillView™ technology and direct operator overview.

Cranes and Lifting

HMH’s cranes and lifting equipment make transferring bulky risers and joints of pipe to their feeding machines a smooth, efficient and safe operation with minimal personnel involvement. Not only are our cranes and lifting equipment easy to maintain, but they also feature user-friendly control and automation systems to help maintain the speed and uptime of your operations.

Our cranes and lifting equipment provide you with a robust, user-friendly intuitive way to transport critical components (riser, drill pipe, casing, drill collar, BOP/X-mas tree, and material in general) during drilling operations. Intelligent automation ensures optimal load handling on both fixed and floating installations.

Hydraulic Power Units

Lifting operations require powerful, directional force as well as repeated heavy, systematic lifting. That is why HMH’s hydraulic power units (HPU) are designed to generate a tremendous amount of power to help you push your crane and lifting operations to their maximum capacity, while maintaining a highly precise operation.

Engineered to support all drilling operations consumption areas, our HPUs are capable of keeping you covered whether you are handling riser joints or landing a BOP.

Our HPU portfolio is suitable for a wide range of operational needs from small stand-alone HPU units for single equipment, up to larger ring-line HPU units requiring support for several simultaneous operations.


Safe and reliable lifting of various loads are essential for both, offshore and onshore applications. Our broad portfolio of utility, guideline and manrider winches meet your project requirements in a large variety of drilling layouts.

HMH winches are prepared for condition based maintenance, tracking real use of the equipment instead of traditional calendar based maintenance. Remote control panels ensure full control of the winch system as well as flexible and safe operation. Our system’s  built-in features and durable construction secure your assets’ operational integrity, whilst preserving ease of handling and cost-efficiency.

Access Baskets

Our standardized and proven access basket design provides safe access and man-riding when performing maintenance and/or working tasks in places which are difficult to reach.

Putting safety as an aspect during operation the basket has a flexible remote control stand with an easy to use emergency stop. Installation is possible in derrick, moon pool and other areas in less than 10 hours.

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