H-4 and Gaskets

The industry standard for Offshore Drilling and Production since 1964.

Since 1964, the H-4 connector family has been engineered to provide the most reliable, field-proven connector available. These connectors have simple operating characteristics, excellent bending, pressure, and tensile load capacities, hydraulically operated, metal-to-metal wellbore sealing and a long economical service life.

We make connectors to fulfill multiple operational needs, including:

  • BOP stack to wellhead connection
  • LMRP to BOP stack connection
  • Completion tree to wellhead connection
  • Capping stack connection

Wellhead Connector Ring Gaskets

HMH metal-to-metal gaskets are the gold standard for safe and efficient drilling and production operations. Our seals provide a primary, mission-critical seal between the wellhead and wellhead connector. When you need a seal you can trust, you trust the OEM to provide the most reliable and cost effective solution to keep your well programs in the green.

Please contact us at marketing@hmhw.com if you have any questions.