Individual Training Brochures

Pressure Control Basics

  • Introduction to Capital Drilling Equipment

  • Introduction to Fluid Symbols

  • GEN2 MUX Control System Fundamentals

  • SeaONYX Control System Fundamentals

Pressure Control Electrical/Software

  • GEN2 MUX Control System Electronics

  • GEN2 MUX Control System Troubleshooting

  • SeaONYX Control System Electronics

  • SeaONYX Control System Operator

  • SeaLytics Real-Time Data Monitoring

  • SeaLytics System Operator

  • Ground Fault Troubleshooting

Pressure Control Mechanical/Hydraulic

  • GEN2 MUX Control System Hydraulics

  • GEN2 MUX Control Pod Maintenance

  • SeaPrime Pod Hydraulics

  • SeaPrime Pod Maintenance

  • Annular BOP Maintenance

  • Ram BOP Maintenance

  • Wellhead Connector Maintenance

  • Diverter Maintenance

  • Riser System Maintenance

  • Land BOP Maintenance