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Equipment Maintenance

The course provides a theoretical understanding of how to perform maintenance and troubleshooting in a safe manner, including a theoretical understanding of how the system is functioning and how to use the documentation for the equipment. DDM and HRN are used as reference machines on the course.

Course goal

The course aims to give knowledge about the equipment and maintenance, such as:

         Main components and functionality on machines

         Maintenance system

         Increased understanding of hydraulic system on machines

         Good attitude regarding HSSE, oil purity and daily maintenance

         Maintenance according to API RP8B, seventh edition and API RP 8B earlier editions. Typically DDM and HRN

Course topics

The main topics for the course are:


         General system understanding

         Technical documentation

         Hydraulic components

         Mechanical components

         Condition monitoring

Course duration

4 days

Course capacity

The maximum number of participants is 8

Target group

Mechanical and hydraulic rig maintenance personnel

Prerequisite skills and knowledge

A general understanding of hydraulic and HMH equipment