Operator Environment

drillView™ GO
drillView™ GO is context-based operational screens for safer and more efficient drilling related operations. The screens show the relevant information based on the situation so the users can focus on safely drilling the well.

Since drillView™ GO is what the operator sees when drilling the well, it integrates elements from other beAware™ products, such as Digital well map and eTally™ running tally. Also, information from the smart modules is integrated to ensure that the operator stays informed.

drillView™ GO is an enabler for digital reports, such as drilling parameter log, trip sheet and kill sheet.

From our operator chair you get the full view and control of the operation. With HMH’s human interface system (HMI) DrillView™ the operator is provided with intuitive and reliable real-time surveillance and automation of drilling data during operation. Together with simulation training and integration with other products such as Driller’s Control Cabin we offer design that ensures safe, efficient, and reliable working conditions and operations.

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