Commercial Excellence Associate (Intern)

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    Houston, United States
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Job Title: Commercial Excellence Associate (Intern)

Summer 2022 Internship (12 weeks)

Job Summary
A Commercial Excellence Associate Intern will be tasked with optimizing forecast accuracy and sales efficacy through active participation in the IBP Demand Management cycle. The associate will support commercial & demand initiatives, including: competitive database development, CRM tool refinement, market research, forecast and market pricing.

Demand Management includes all aspects of deploying our organization’s value proposition to the marketplace. Market, channel and customer activities are communicated at a strategic level through a 24-month rolling forecast and regional strategic sales plans. These guide regional growth strategies which are executed through detailed, time-phased sales and commercial activities. Analytics, assumptions, modeling, and customer collaboration are used to generate demand forecasts that integrate with, and drive the operational plans for our organization, while also providing insights for improving sales and marketing performance. In this role, the associate will gain an opportunity to gain experience with a world class Integrate Business Planning Management tool as well as to experience live and hands-on decision making from the business executive team through IBP processes.


  • Currently enrolled and working toward completion of Bachelor’s or Graduate degree from an accredited university or college
  • Basic understanding of financial drivers (cost, margin, price, convertibility)
  • Good interpersonal skills to drive collaboration across multiple functions to achieve desired results
  • Ability to work with large data sets
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite

Houston, TX